glenn moreton is a realist painter of contemporary cityscapes. His paintings have appeared in galleries in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, in his home city of Washington, and in Moscow at Russia's National Tretyakov Gallery.   Also Neal Benezra, formerly Chief Curator at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and  currently Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, selected Moreton's work to appear in a solo show at the  prestigious Arts Club of Washington.

The artist  has been a winner of numerous national competitions and honored with awards.  The Allied Artists of America has exhibited Moreton's work at the National Arts Club in New York City, and the Knickerbocker Artists has shown his work at the Salamagundi Club, also in Manhattan.  Moreton has been the subject of articles and featured in the books Landscape Inspirations and The Best of Acrylic Painting.



1998.     Chosen in national competition for solo exhibition at the Arts Club of Washington.  Selected by Neal Benezra, Chief Curator of the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum.

1994.     National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  Selected in national competition for annual exhibition.  New York, NY. 

1990.     Moscow-Washington Artists Exchange.  First invitational exhibition of works by artists of the two capital cities.  Selected by curators of the Tretyakov Gallery, State Gallery of the USSR.

1989.     Elsie Ject-Key Memorial Award.  National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. New York, NY.  Cash award.                                                                                                                                            

1987.     Galleries Elect national competition.  One of 11 winners selected from more than 4000 entrants by Gallery Henoch.  New York, NY. 

1987.     Knickerbocker Artists.  Selected in national competition for annual exhibition.  New York, NY.

1986.     Allied Artists of America.  Selected in national competition for annual exhibition.  New York, NY. 

1986.     "Best in Show" cash award.  Hank Baum Gallery.  San Francisco, CA. 

1986.     Artists' Liaison annual competition.  One of 106 winners from  U.S., Canada, and France selected from 2500 entrants.



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SELECTED COLLECTIONS_________________________________________________

Collections in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington, DC, including: 

Eagle Bank, Bethesda, MD

Lincoln Property Company, Washington,, DC

National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC

Newmark Knight Frank, Washington DC

Roger Cottingham, New York, NY

Sam Rose, Greenebaum & Rose Associates, Inc., Washington, DC



2015.      Winter Palace Studio.  Washington D.C.  "Real Washington."  Group Show.

2013.      Washington D.C. Economic Partnership. Washington D.C.  "Great Streets: The Urban Life of D.C."  Group Show.

2012.      Gallery 555dc.  Washington, DC. 
"Get Real."  Solo show.

2010.      McLean Project for the Arts.  McLean, VA.  "Realism Now: Cityscapes."  Two person show.

2009.      Montpelier Arts Center.  Laurel, MD.  "30 Years of Art: The Resident Artists Reunion Exhibition."  Group Show.                                                                          

2005.      Zenith Gallery.  Washington, DC.  "Our Town."  Group Show. 

2005.      Zenith Gallery.  Washington, DC.  "28th Anniversary Exhibition."  Group Show. 

2005.      Zenith Gallery.  Washington, DC.  "A New Look."  Group Show.

1999.      Zenith Gallery.  Washington, DC.  "Washington Comes to Life."  Group Show.

1999.      The Arts Club of Washington.  Washington, DC.  "Urban Reflections."  Solo show.  

1996-7    Sherry French Gallery.  New York, NY.  "Expedition: American Rivers-Along the Banks of the Ohio." Traveling show; other venues included:  US Senate Russell Rotunda, Washington DC; Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, Owensboro, KY; Zanesville Arts Center, Zanesville, OH; Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, OH; Evansville Museum of Arts & Science, Evansville, IN; Kennedy Museum of American Art, Ohio University, Athens, OH 

1995.      Sherry French Gallery.  New York, NY.  "Small Sizes, Precious Pieces."   Group Show. 

1994.      National Arts Club.  New York, NY.   National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  41st  Annual Exhibition.   Juried exhibition.

1994.       Carnegie Library.  Washington, DC.  "Moscow-Washington Art Exhange Exhibition."   Group show .

1994.       Tretyakov Gallery.  Moscow, USSR.  "Moscow-Washinton Art Exchange Exhibition."   Group show of American & Russian artists. 

1989.      LOTOS Club.  New York, NY.  Group show.

1989        National Arts Club.  New York, NY.  National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic.  36th Annual Exhibition.   Juried exhibition.                         

1989.      Gallery Henoch.  New York, NY.  "New York.  City by Day/City by Night."  Group show.

1988.      Gallery Henoch.  New York, NY.  "Gallery Henoch Introduces Eleven Artists."  Group show.

1988.      Strathmore Hall Arts Center.  Bethesda, Maryland.  "Urban Landscapes." Juried exhibition.

1988.      Roger LaPelle Gallery.  Philadelphia, PA.  Group show.

1987.      Foxhall Gallery.  Washington, DC  Three person show.

1987.      Salmagundi Club.  New York, NY.  Knickerbocker Artists.  37th Annual Exhibition.   Juried exhibition.

1987.      Touchstone Gallery.  Washington, DC  Solo show.

1987.      The Art Barn.  Washington, DC.  Artists Equity Exhibition:  "Focus on Realism."  Juried exhibition.                          

1986.      National Arts Club.  New York, NY.  Allied Artists of America, Inc.  73rd Annual Exhibition.   Juried  exhibition.

1986.      Hank Baum Gallery.  San Francisco, CA.  Juried exhibition.